Personal Data Privacy Tutorials and Exercises

What we need

The VectorBase project operates as both a “Controller” and a “Processor” of the limited personal data you provide to us. As such, we determine the purpose and means of processing any personal data, and carry out that processing. The data we collect do not include any special types of information or location-based information. Instead, they are restricted to name and email address (both optional; see below), and Internet Protocol (IP) address.

Why we need it

We need to know your name and email address only if you wish to take advantage of VectorBase’s enhanced functions for certain tools (BLAST, ClustalW, Apollo, Search, etc.), or would like to be notified of future news or updates to the site. IP addresses are not optional, and must be captured and stored by VectorBase in order for the site to function properly and detect/prevent cybersecurity issues.

We will not collect any personal data from you we do not need in order to provide and oversee this service to you.

What we do with it

All the personal data we collect are processed by our staff in the United States and United Kingdom. No third parties have access to your personal data unless the law allows them to have such access.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has issued VectorBase an Authority to Operate (ATO) as a FISMA-Moderate compliant system. As such, we have a robust data protection regime in place to oversee the effective and secure processing of your personal data. More information on FISMA compliance can be found at the following links.


How long we keep it

If you decide to provide us with your name and email address, we will keep this information until you notify us that you no longer wish to use VectorBase’s enhanced features. We must keep IP addresses in our logs indefinitely, since this is required for the site to function properly and detect/prevent cybersecurity issues.

What we would also like to do with it

We would like to keep providing and adding enhanced features and updates to those who have created a login account with

What are your rights?

If you believe the name or email information we process for you is incorrect, you may send a request to to see these data, have them corrected, or have them deleted. If you wish to raise a complaint about how we have handled these personal data, you may contact our Information System Security Manager at and we will investigate the matter.

Additional information regarding our Data submission and access is available here.