Release VB-2015-08

We dedicate this release of VectorBase to founding member Bill Gelbart - a professor, advisor, leader in genetics research, and an active member of the Genetics Society of America. Bill also served in various roles for such projects as FlyBase, WormBase, as well as being on the National Advisory Council for the National Human Genome Research Institute.

See the full memoriam article here.

For this August release of VectorBase (VB-2015-08), we have:

  • Updated Rhodnius prolixus assembly and gene set now available (see the Genomes section of these release notes for full details)
  • Updated gene sets for Anopheles albimanus, Anopheles arabiensis, Anopheles atroparvus, Anopheles coluzzii, Anopheles dirus, Anopheles epiroticus, Anopheles minimus, Anopheles quadriannulatus and Anopheles stephensi.
  • Variation effects recalculated to reflect gene model changes for Anopheles species
  • A new video tutorial (10 min) titled "Genetic Variation data" is available.
  • New preview/prototype population biology/insecticide resistance map search tool available for testing.
  • Data from the President's Malaria Initiative (PMI), has been loaded as preliminary (see Population Biology section of these release notes for full details)
  • There is a video tutorial (16 min) and practice exercises with their answer keys for PopBio new map and the tool in general.

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