Which are the gene biotype definitions?


This a Search query for all genes in VectorBase (click on the image to enlarge):

Gene set table https://www.vectorbase.org/search/site/*?&site=%22Genome%22&bundle_name=%22Gene%22

All these terms are from the Sequence Ontology, http://www.sequenceontology.org, except for nontranslating_CDS. Below you will find each term link to SO, definitions are provided there and have also been included in VectorBase Glossary.

In VectorBase we created the category nontranslating_CDS. This is for genes which have been annotated as 'protein_coding', but which have an invalid translation (i.e. internal stop codons). This means this category does not really reflect a biological fact like the other biotypes do, it's just a pragmatic way to represent our incomplete knowledge about a gene. This term is under review and its name it may changed in the future.

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